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Unexpected Places for a Workplace Safety Poster

Safety posters, canvas prints and wall art can be a great way to share your commitment to workplace safety with your employees. Don’t overlook some of these great opportunities to communicate your safety message to your workforce, your customers, your office staff and your vendors.

Framed Safety Poster Hanging in Lobby

Every organization should have a written safety policy that is communicated to all employees and reinforced during on-boarding and annual safety training, but finding innovative ways for management to demonstrate their ongoing commitment to safety is also necessary to cultivate a safety-minded workforce. Investing in high-quality artwork like safety posters, motivational safety prints or elegant canvas art with a workplace safety message reinforces safety as a company value throughout the year.

Beautiful, motivational canvas prints delivering an inspirational safety quote or specific company safety value demonstrate that safety starts at the top when displayed at the company headquarters or, better yet, in the CEO’s office!

Corporate Offices, Conference Rooms, Staff Cubicles, and the Lobby or Waiting Area are all great places to hang professional safety artwork that reinforces the commitment to safety that your organization values.

Safety Poster on Glass Doorway in Office

Annual safety training, weekly toolbox talks, refresher courses and on-the-job training are all crucial elements of your workplace safety and health program, but reinforcement is critical to maintaining a safe work environment throughout the year. Hanging safety posters or signs in key places at eye level emphasize your most important safety messages quickly, when needed, every work day.

Location is important when you are considering where to place a safety poster. Hanging an easy-to-read safety poster that emphasizes a hazard or safety tip in critical work areas gives workers easy reminders of vital information at the exact moment they need it. When the work environment has a tendency to get hectic or overwhelming, then safety posters become even more necessary.

Framed Safety Poster by Outdoor Stairwell

Informational safety posters should repeat ideas that employees have already been exposed to during safety training or a weekly safety meeting. Hang safety posters in work areas that support the most important safety reminders and habits you want your team members to practice.

Great locations for safety posters include Work Areas, above Work Stations and near Doorways of the Warehouse, Distribution Area, Workshop or Machine Shop, and Lab. Don’t forget to hang safety posters near the Safety Meeting Area because this is a great opportunity to reinforce safety messages where employees gather for their regularly scheduled safety meeting or toolbox talk. Sharing safety concepts and best practices that workers have already heard, or been exposed to, is the best way to reinforce great safety habits on the job. Also consider placing framed posters or canvas prints that have motivational safety messages in the offices of supervisors, managers, and executives to encourage them to keep safety first in mind when their making key decisions about their teams.

Safety Poster on Glass Window by Conference Room

Safety posters and artwork can be incredibly powerful motivators when the message is on target. Vibrant, visual safety messages remind employees that management insists safety comes first and all workers should use the safety skills they have learned in training, no matter the task.

When employees understand that safety is a company value then they are more likely to engage in safe practices throughout their workday, encourage others to work safe and speak up when potentially hazardous situations happen on the job.

Two Framed Safety Posters in Lobby

Communicate the fact that your organization values safety throughout the Common Areas of the workplace. Safety posters aren’t just for the work area! Some prime spots to hang a framed safety poster include Hallways and Stairwells, the staff Breakroom, and the Washroom. Don’t forget the Elevator, inside and out! Anyone who takes the elevator always has a few seconds waiting for it to come and a few more seconds taking the ride up or down to read and absorb the safety message.

When safety is an organizational value it becomes absorbed into the fabric of the workplace culture. The significance of safety doesn’t just stop when employees head home for the day. If safety is reinforced throughout the workday, with the help of safety posters, then employees are more likely to continue safe habits when working offsite, on the road and even after they go home at the end of the workday.

Safety Poster Outside Elevator

Show your organization’s commitment to workplace safety by featuring an important safety message as an elegant statement piece in your corporate office, conference room, lobby or meeting space. You can even hang posters or canvas prints in your warehouse, workshop, lab, break room or waiting area.

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