Outdoor construction site where trenching is occurring surrounded by a chain link fence and a hazard warning sign.Excavations

Workers Have the Right to Cave-in Hazard Protection

A cave-in is a real possibility if there is no protection and workers should be aware of the specific type of protection they need to keep them safe.

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Assorted Utility Flags in GrassExcavations

Always Call 811 Before Digging, Excavating or Trenching

Colors send a message, and they are important if you are putting anything bigger than garden trowel into the ground. Do you know what each color means?

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Sign on chain link fence that says Danger, Deep Excavation.Excavations

Learn More About OSHA Standards That Apply to Excavation

From putting a shovel into the ground to digging a trench, here is a review of some of the OSHA standards that apply to trenching and excavation.

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Boring machine using horizontal directional drilling technology at an excavation site.Excavations

Horizontal Directional Drilling Operations and Job Site Safety

Horizontal directional drilling can be a great solution for some excavation projects but there are still potential hazards and safety needs to remain a priority.

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Buried Gas Line Yellow Utility FlagExcavations

Remember! Any Dig, Any Depth, Always Requires a Call to 811

Trenching and excavation hazards posed by striking buried underground utilities include property damage, injury, electrocutions and even explosions.

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