Fall Protection

Worker wearing a hardhat and fall protection climbing up a tower.Fall Protection

Safety Precautions for Typical Tower Climbing Work Activities

Because tower climbing is so physically and mentally demanding, preparation is key and all tower climbers must be trained before being allowed to climb.

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Person Stepping into Construction Floor HoleFall Protection

All About Floor Holes: OSHA's Fall Protection Standards

Always look for areas on the job site that may have floor holes and be aware of holes that may not be adequately marked, covered, barricaded, or guarded.

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Construction Worker Installing Fall Protection GuardrailsFall Protection

Fall Protection System Failures That Can Be Prevented

Despite the emerging sophisticated and innovative fall protection systems, learn more about why fall-related injuries and fatalities are still happening.

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Construction Site, Missing GuardrailsFall Protection

Guardrails are Important for Mitigating Fall Hazards

Guardrails are critical to help prevent falls, but they must be constructed properly and according to the strict OSHA standards set up for guardrails.

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Worker Demonstrating Fall Rescue BasicsFall Protection

Personnel Working at Heights Need a Fall Rescue Plan

Workers in many industries face potential fall hazards. Any organization that has personnel working at heights should have a fall rescue plan implemented.

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Stairways on outside of outdoor storage tanksFall Protection

Safety Tips for Stairways to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls happen everyday on workplace stairways and all employees can benefit from these great reminders on stairway safety.

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Example of a supported scaffold.Fall Protection

Critical Safety Areas to Know When Using Supported Scaffolds

All supported scaffolds have several common safety concerns that must be addressed during their construction and use.

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Scaffolding erected for construction at an outdoor mall.Fall Protection

Scaffolds Can Provide a Safe Platform to Complete Work at Heights

Learn more about the most common hazards associated with scaffolds, fall protection requirements and how to prevent potential falls, injuries or worse.

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Preventing Fatalities in the Construction IndustryFall Protection

Preventing Fatalities in the Construction Industry

This study looks into the causes of fatalities in the construction industry with the intention of learning new methods of preventing worker fatalities.

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Two workers on a suspended scaffold on a building.Fall Protection

Fall Protection and Safety Precautions for Suspended Scaffolds

Using scaffolds to access hard-to-reach areas is often necessary. For especially difficult areas the safest approach may be to use a suspended scaffold.

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Re-enactment of a worker who is not wearing a hard hat with a tool about to hit his head.Fall Protection

Protect Workers from Falling Object Dangers to Prevent Injuries

When workers are exposed to falling object hazards, they must wear head protection and additional safety measures must be implemented.

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A worker wearing a hard hat and a safety vest demonstrating how to wear a personal fall arrest system shown from the front and the back.Fall Protection

Personal Fall Arrest Systems are Critical Fall Protection

Fall hazards are recognized as one of the OSHA Big Four. Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS) are commonly used by workers when serious fall hazards exist.

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Vertical rebar that is capped to prevent an impalement hazard.Fall Protection

How to Handle Impalement Hazards on Construction Sites

Safety precautions and best practices to consider when impalement hazards are a risk on the construction site.

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Aerial Lift Fall HazardFall Protection

Working at Heights Without Fall Protection Can Be Deadly

On any construction site, one wrong step could become very serious, very fast. Take a look at these images and see how easily you can spot the fall hazards.

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Stairway Still Under ConstructionFall Protection

Safety Considerations for Stairways on Construction Sites

Safety tips on how to keep workers safe when the stairways are under construction, like the ones being built and used at construction sites.

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Construction Worker Inspecting, Then Wearing Personal Fall Protection System (PFAS)Fall Protection

Train Employees to Inspect and Wear Their PFAS Correctly

Personal Fall Arrest Systems can be tricky, so employees must know how to wear them correctly and what to look for during a PFAS inspection.

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Workers Using Fall ProtectionFall Protection

Falls from Ladders, Scaffolds and Roofs Can Be Prevented

Here are the best points to emphasize when you hold your next safety meeting or toolbox talk about workplace fall prevention and protection.

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Construction worker's boot getting tripped into a floor hole on construction site.Fall Protection

Floor Holes Can Pose Significant Slip, Trip and Fall Risks

Floor holes are one area where many workers forget to take the necessary safety measures to protect themselves and their co-workers.

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Two workers utilizing fall protection while removing snow from a rooftop.Fall Protection

Workplace Winter Safety for Rooftop Snow Removal Operations

Snow removal operations can be dangerous and workers should be trained on how to safely remove snow from rooftops and other elevated structures.

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