Confined Spaces

Worker Measuring Confined Space with Tape MeasureConfined Spaces

Confined Space Worker Roles During Permit-Required Work

Those assigned a role during confined space entry must have sufficient training to understand what is required of them and know how to use their equipment.

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Worker Inside Pipe Which is Confined SpaceConfined Spaces

What's Required for a Confined Space Hazard Evaluation

OSHA requires confined spaces to be evaluated for hazards, and if there are hazards, then the area must be classified as a permit-required confined space.

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View from inside of a silo, confined spaceConfined Spaces

Invisible and Potentially Deadly Hazards of Confined Spaces

Confined spaces, like pipelines, may appear to be safe but can contain invisible hazards such as dangerous fumes, vapors, or insufficient oxygen.

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Confined Space Permit at Entrance of Confined SpaceConfined Spaces

How to Safely Work in a Permit-Required Confined Space

If workers must enter permit-required confined spaces, then a written permit program as well as the use of detailed confined space permit is needed.

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