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Building Safety Month banner.
Awareness Campaigns
Every May Building Safety Month Promotes Construction Safety

Building Safety Month aims to raise awareness about the importance of building codes that ensure safety in the spaces where we live, work, and learn.

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Cottonmouth Snake
Site Safety
Cottonmouth Snakes Can Be a Threat on Outdoor Job Sites

Cottonmouth and other poisonous snakes can be a real hazard for some workers, and if that's the case they should be trained on how to protect themselves.

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Scissor Lift Tip Over Accident Scene
Why Scissor Lifts Should Only Be Used by Trained Operators

Scissor lifts can be a safe way to reach great heights, but when operators aren't following safe operating procedures, things can go very wrong.

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Messy Construction Area
Site Safety
Housekeeping Plays an Important Role on Every Job Site

Believe it or not, OSHA cares how neat and tidy you are on the job site. Messy projects mean the potential for OSHA poor housekeeping citations.

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Safety Quote
Safety Resources
Our Safety Quotes Provide Weekly Inspiration to Share

We publish a new quote about workplace safety every week. Inspire your teams, and Like, Follow and Share your favorites.

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Car Driving in Snowy Conditions
Home + Holiday
Travel Safety: Stay Safe When Driving in Winter Conditions

Stay safe this winter season by planning ahead and making good choices while traveling. Follow these safety tips for driving in wintery conditions.

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A sign on a hiking trail that says Caution Poison Ivy.
Home + Holiday
Protect Yourself from Poison Ivy When Hiking and Gardening

The best way to avoid poison ivy is to become familiar with what the plant looks like and stay away from it.

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Cell phone antennas on a roof top.
Health Hazards
RF Radiation Exposure Hazards for Outdoor Workers

Workers may be exposed to RF radiation if they work near RF-generating antennas, which can be hazardous if precautions aren't taken.

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Artistic, Car Hits Large Cell Phone
Driving Safety
Pay Attention! Texting While Driving is a Deadly Distraction

Whether you are driving your own car, a fleet vehicle, a forklift, a riding lawn mower, or a dump truck, driving any vehicle requires your full attention.

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