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Fire Prevention Week banner with the image of a fire extinguisher.
Awareness Campaigns
How Organizations Can Participate in Fire Prevention Week

Join the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and organizations across the nation this year in observing National Fire Prevention Week in October.

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Worker rolling up an orange extension cord.
Toolbox Talk Reminders About Extension Cord and GFCI Safety

Extension cords are common and convenient, but when used without proper safety precautions they can become fire hazards and pose risks to worker safety.

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A danger sign on a fence outside a demolition project that says, "Danger, Demolition Work in Progress."
Site Safety
Demolition Projects and the Hazards for Construction Workers

All personnel on a demolition project need to be fully aware of the potential for unknown hazards and the safety precautions available to control these hazards.

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Assorted Extension Cords Hanging Up Neatly
Back to Basics: How to Use Extension Cords at Work Safely

Make sure everyone on your team is getting trained on electrical safety...even the basics need to be covered, like how to use an extension cord safety.

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Boom Lift has Fallen Over in Middle of Street
Lessons Learned About Fall Protection Safety on Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are effective when you need to access heights without the expense of a crane or the hassle of scaffolding, but tip over hazards are a real concern.

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Blue industrial drums stacked neatly on pallets three tiers high.
Materials Handling
Safety Precautions for Stacking Material Indoors and Outdoors

Material stacking safety begins with some basic guidelines that all workers should follow whether stacking manually or mechanically.

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This Fatal Incident Reminds Crews to Inspect Equipment

The weekly safety meeting is a great time to remind heavy equipment operators to inspect their equipment daily and to test their back-up alarms regularly.

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Healthcare Worker Holding Two Kinds of Hearing Protection
Personal Protection
Damaging Decibels: Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

Prolonged exposure to sounds that measure 85 decibels and higher can damage your hearing. Get valuable tips for protecting your hearing at work.

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Large drum with hazardous chemical warnings on it and a person is holding up a pair of safety glasses.
Protect Workers Who Use Hazardous Chemicals on the Job

When warnings are ignored or PPE isn't used, chemicals used on the job can cause hazardous short-term side effects and even severe injuries or illness.

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