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Woman sitting on couch who appears to be very ill.
Home & Holiday
Safety at Home: How to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Know how to recognize early symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning and how to best protect your family by preventing exposure in the home.

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Banner Image that says Workplace Hazard Prevention and Control
Best Practices
Implement Effective Safeguards to Protect Workers

Effective controls protect employees by minimizing or eliminating safety and health risks with the ultimate goal of preventing injuries, illnesses, and incidents.

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A rat crawling up a thick rope.
Site Safety
Rodent Risks: Health Hazards and Damage in the Workplace

In addition to the health and sanitation risks introduced by mice and rats, when they invade the job site or work facility, rodents can cause quite a bit of damage.

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A bright yellow safety poster that says October is National Protect Your Hearing Month.
Awareness Campaigns
Take Action: October is National Protect Your Hearing Month

Every October, businesses across the nation come together to raise awareness about noise-induced hearing loss during National Protect Your Hearing Month.

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Banner, Work Safety Tips When Using Air Compressors
Safety Reminders for Handling Pressurized Air Equipment

Working with air compressors may get the job done quicker, but there are some potential risks in using them without taking proper safety measures.

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Worker Wearing Various PPE
Personal Protection
Use Other Safety Controls First, PPE is the Last Defense

PPE is often used as the only protection for serious safety risks, but there are 4 other controls to be implemented first. PPE is the last line of defense.

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National Safety Month Banner
Awareness Campaigns
Workplace Activities for National Safety Month in June

June is recognized as National Safety Month as organizations around the country raise awareness on reducing the leading causes of injuries and death.

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An injured worker that was hit by some materials.
Site Safety
Stay Safe at Work: Understanding Line of Fire Hazards

Explore essential safety tips and strategies to avoid line of fire hazards at work. Protect yourself and your team effectively!

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Worker with Hard Hat and Dollars
OSHA's Safety Pays Calculator Benefits Every Company

Understand how implementing a workplace safety program is not only the right thing to do, but also a wise decision that will save your company money.

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