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OSHA Inspector with Supervisor
Best Ways to Prepare Your Team for an OSHA Site Visit

At least once a year, make sure to have a safety meeting covering how to behave during an OSHA site visit so your employees feel confident and prepared.

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Gears, Risk Analysis
Site Safety
Job Hazard Analysis (JHA): Focus on Incident Prevention

Workplace safety isn't just something that you think about once a month at a safety meeting. Learn more about job hazard analysis and why it's important.

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Two Workers Inspecting Extension Ladder
Include Ladder Inspections With Ladder Safety Training

Even with periodic inspections, it is still every worker's responsibility to be sure that the ladder they are about to use is in safe working order.

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Broken Skylight
When Skylights are Deadly: Why Fall Protection is Required

"How could I have prevented it? Don't say, I've been doing this for 20 years, that won't happen to me, because it's not true. Look what happened."

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Worker standing on step stool fixing a door on a business.
Step Stools Also Require Ladder Safety Precautions

With a fixed height up to 32 inches tall, step stools may seem safe but require many of the same safety precautions of full-size step ladders.

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Fire Prevention Week banner with the image of a fire extinguisher.
Awareness Campaigns
How Organizations Can Participate in Fire Prevention Week

Join the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and organizations across the nation this year in observing National Fire Prevention Week in October.

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Warehouse Forklift Incident, Man is Injured, Co-Worker is Helping
Best Practices
What To Do When an Injury or Accident Happens at Work

When incidents happen at work, employers have responsibilities. Follow these steps to ensure that you cover all bases for any workplace injury incident.

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Worker with Hard Hat and Dollars
OSHA's Safety Pays Calculator Benefits Every Company

Understand how implementing a workplace safety program is not only the right thing to do, but also a wise decision that will save your company money.

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Worker wearing a hard hat climbing up a ladder to get into an attic.
Fall Protection
Fall Hazards and Fall Protection Methods for Workers in Attics

All workers exposed to fall hazards must be trained and know the procedures to follow to minimize fall hazards to ensure their safety while working in attics.

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