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A man standing in a woodworking shop.
Safe Woodworking: Protecting Yourself in the Shop

When woodworking, housekeeping, equipment maintenance, machine guarding, personal protective equipment and rigorous safety measures are all important.

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Workers Shoveling Snow
How to Prevent Cold Stress at Work, Inside or Outside

Guidance on the best ways to prevent cold stress injuries and illnesses at work and recommendations for the best clothing to wear in cold environments.

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Caution Sign on Wall, OSHA Top 10 Violations
Exposed: OSHA's Top 10 Workplace Safety Violations

Every year OSHA releases their Top 10 list and every year there is little change. Why is this list important and why should top management quit ignoring it?

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Stairways on outside of outdoor storage tanks
Fall Protection
Safety Tips for Stairways to Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips, trips and falls happen everyday on workplace stairways and all employees can benefit from these great reminders on stairway safety.

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Angry driver honking the horn while in traffic.
Driving Safety
Aggressive Driving is Dangerous. Stay Calm and Drive Smart.

Aggressive driving is on the rise, posing a serious threat to personal safety on our roads. Learn how to steer clear of danger and prevent road rage incidents.

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Canisters of LPG lined up in storage.
Liquified Petroleum Gas Safety: The Hazards of LPG at Work

Liquified petroleum gas fuels, like propane, can be safe, efficient, and reliable but must be handled, transported, and stored properly or they can be dangerous.

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Worker wearing PPE holding a tablet that shows a graphic representation of ISO 45001 including safety icons.
Best Practices
Practical Guide to the ISO 45001 Safety Management System

While compliance with ISO 45001 is not required, learn more to find out if this management system would benefit your company's health and safety program.

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Two workers utilizing fall protection while removing snow from a rooftop.
Fall Protection
Workplace Winter Safety for Rooftop Snow Removal

Snow removal operations can be dangerous and workers should be trained on how to safely remove snow from rooftops and other elevated structures.

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A large grease trap cover that looks similar to a manhole cover.
Site Safety
Grease Trap Hazards and Safety Precautions for Employees

Safe grease trap design, training, and maintenance, as part of an overall workplace safety and health program, can prevent grease trap‑related incidents.

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