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Clothes Rack Holding Orange and Yellow Assorted HVSA Jackets and ShirtsWork Zones

How High-Visibility Safety Apparel Keeps Workers Safe

If workers are exposed to the dangers of traffic and construction equipment in a work zone, they must wear high-visibility safety apparel, known as HVSA.

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Work Zone with Traffic Drums, Barricades and SignsWork Zones

Work Zone Safety: Temporary Traffic Control Devices

Temporary traffic control signs and devices are an essential component of temporary traffic control effectiveness and overall work zone safety.

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Work ZoneWork Zones

Designing Temporary Traffic Control for Maximum Safety

Construction, maintenance, and utility work projects must take time to design and implement safe and effective temporary traffic control for work zones.

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Temporary Utility Work Ahead Sign for Work ZoneWork Zones

Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Sign Requirements

Signs used for temporary traffic control must follow strict requirements to ensure they are standardized, understandable, and recognizable to motorists.

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Flagger in Work ZoneWork Zones

Flaggers Keep Drivers, Pedestrians and Crews Safe

Work zone flaggers are a critical component of temporary traffic control safety, keeping drivers, pedestrians and their work crew safe.

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Work ZoneWork Zones

Work Zones: Why Daily Safety Meetings are Important

For crews that are working on projects in work zones, a daily safety meeting at the start of every shift is recommended, here are great points to emphasize.

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Road Work Ahead Hazard Sign Against Blue SkyWork Zones

Safe Trucking: 5 Safety Tips for Driving in Work Zones

Road construction zones can be dangerous for workers and drivers. All drivers can benefit from these valuable driving safety tips for work zone safety.

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