Driving Safety

A driver with an aching back.Driving Safety

Ergonomic Adjustments Drivers Can Make to Reduce Discomfort

There are many ergonomic adjustments drivers are encouraged to make to ensure driving does not add additional stress and strain on the body.

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Worker wearing a glove is tightening a strap that is securing lumber on a trailer and a red hardhat is nearby.Driving Safety

Great Safety Tip Reminders for Safely Towing Trailers on the Job

Once the trailer is loaded and the cargo is secured, take some time to consider safety precautions of driving with a trailer before hitting the road.

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Construction Worker, Organized Truck BedDriving Safety

Keeping Your Work Vehicle Clean and Organized is Important

Housekeeping is important for every vehicle used during the work day, including fleet vehicles, short- or long-term car rentals, and personal or leased vehicles.

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Heavy Equipment on Construction Site with Visible SnowDriving Safety

Construction Site Winter Weather Driving Safety Precautions

Review of winter hazard reminders and safety tips for construction crews working near or driving work vehicles or heavy equipment on the job site.

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A worker acting as a spotter while guiding the driver of a large truck.Driving Safety

Ground Guiding Spotter Safety for Trucks and Heavy Equipment

A spotter may be recommended for ground guiding trucks or equipment at the job site when the driver doesn't have full view of the working area and hazards.

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Spotter Helping Dump Truck Back UpDriving Safety

Spotter Signals and Safety Tips to Keep Your Crews Safe

Who needs to be trained to be a spotter at the job site? Does everyone understand the signals? Learn more about spotter signals and safety tips for your crews.

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Road Sign, Stay Alert, Talk or Text LaterDriving Safety

Driving Disconnect: Hands-Free is Still a Risky Option

Most people believe hands-free options are safe to use while driving, but studies show that handheld and hands-free cell phone use are both equally risky.

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Big Trucks on Construction SiteDriving Safety

Safety Tips for Driving Heavy Equipment on the Work Site

Defensive driving applies to the job site too, no matter if that is a construction site, a warehouse parking lot, a residential area, or an isolated field site.

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A sleepy driver rubbing his eyes.Driving Safety

How to Prevent the Dangerous Consequences of Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue, which may be the result of insufficient sleep, long distances traveled, or long work shifts, is a major contributor to tragic motor vehicle collisions.

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Smiling woman wearing PPE while driving a golf cart.Driving Safety

Golf Cart Safety Precautions to Review During Safety Meeting

Learn more about safety hazards pertaining to golf carts used at job sites, work facilities or on commercial property for on-the-job transport.

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Distracted Driving Hazard SignDriving Safety

Multitasking is A Myth: Why Distracted Driving Can Be Deadly

When behind the wheel, drivers should always be fully aware of their surroundings, remain focused solely on driving and avoid all types of distractions.

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Artistic, Car Hits Large Cell PhoneDriving Safety

Pay Attention! Texting While Driving is a Deadly Distraction

Whether you are driving your own car, a fleet vehicle, a forklift, a riding lawn mower, or a dump truck, driving any vehicle requires your full attention.

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