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Ladder Inspections are an Important Part of Workplace Safety

Ladder inspections aren't difficult, but workers should be trained to know what they are looking for, when a ladder is safe to use, and when repairs are required.

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Extension Ladder Safety Tips for Construction Workers

Construction tasks often require workers to be on surfaces above ground level. The use of an extension ladder provides easy access to those elevated areas.

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Why You Should Always Inspect Step Ladders Before Use

Step ladder inspections are a very important step to avoid serious injuries. Workers must ensure the ladder they will use is in safe working order.

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How to Safely Use a Ladder Should Be Workplace Safety 101

How to Safely Use a Ladder should be Workplace Safety 101. No matter how high off the ground, a fall off a ladder can have serious consequences.

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Extension Ladder Safety Precautions to Keep Workers Safe

Understand why it is important to have regular safety meetings on the basics, like ladder safety. so all workers stay safe when using ladders at work.

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Are Fixed Ladders Really Any Safer Than Portable Ladders?

While fixed ladders may seem safer in a work environment than portable ladders, there are still many safety issues that must be considered.

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What to Cover During Your Next Step Ladder Safety Meeting

With so many rules on how safely use a step ladder on the job, here are the important points to cover during your next safety meeting on ladder safety.

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Extension Ladders for Shops, Warehouses, and Distribution

Many industries require workers to access elevated areas and an extension ladder can be useful, but if improperly used, can result in unfortunate incidents.

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Step Stools Also Require Ladder Safety Precautions

With a fixed height up to 32 inches tall, step stools may seem safe but require many of the same safety precautions of full-size step ladders.

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Include Ladder Inspections With Ladder Safety Training

Even with periodic inspections, it is still every worker's responsibility to be sure that the ladder they are about to use is in safe working order.

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