OSHA Focus Four

Electrician working in electrical panelOSHA Focus Four

OSHA Focus Four: Eliminate Electrocution Hazards at Work

Electrocution hazards are one of the top 4 areas of fatalities in construction. Here are safety tips to cover during your next toolbox talk on electrical safety.

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Excavator at Construction SiteOSHA Focus Four

OSHA Top Four: Caught-in or -Between Construction Hazards

Caught-in or caught-between hazards on construction sites are one of OSHA's top areas of focus. These tips will help keep workers safe on the job site.

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Construction Worker Falling Off LadderOSHA Focus Four

Eliminate These Common Trip and Fall Hazards in Construction

Workers must recognize the common trip and fall hazards that can be found during construction and all workers have the right to be protected from fall hazards.

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Handyman Fell Off LadderOSHA Focus Four

Fall Hazards Found in These Typical Work Activities

It's always a good idea to have a safety meeting on fall protection, fall hazards identification and fall prevention at least once every three months.

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Excavator at Construction SiteOSHA Focus Four

How to Recognize Potential Caught-in Hazards on the Job Site

To prevent injuries and fatal incidents, the first step is to recognize potential caught-in hazards, like the examples shown in this article.

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Worker Wearing Safety Glasses and Gloves in an Industrial Setting Using a Handheld Grinder Which is Creating SparksOSHA Focus Four

Struck-by Hazards Are a Top Safety Concern in Construction

OSHA has found 4 top areas of fatalities in construction including electrocutions, falls, caught-in hazards and struck-by hazards, which includes falling objects.

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Construction workers moving pallets with a crane demonstrating a caught-in risk.OSHA Focus Four

Important Safety Tips to Avoid Construction Caught-in Hazards

Caught-in hazards are one of the top 4 areas of fatalities on construction sites. All trades must be aware of these tips to avoid caught-in hazards.

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