Forklift Topple at Construction SiteIncidents

All Forklifts Are Not the Same: Why Training is Important

All forklift operators need to have the proper training before they jump in the driver's seat. This protects them and other workers in the area.

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Boom Lift BasketIncidents

Lessons Learned: Boom Lift Blunt Force Trauma Incident

When do you need additional fall protection when working on man lifts? Learn more about man lift fall protection from this tragic incident.

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Machine, Debarker, Close-upIncidents

Tragic Caught-in Incident with a Valuable Safety Lesson

This tragic caught-in incident demonstrates that when lockout/tagout procedures are not followed, the results can be deadly. Safety meetings do save lives.

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Scene of Tragic Incident with Man LiftIncidents

Lessons Learned: Crushed-by Hazards Can Be Deadly

Crushed-against is a caught-in hazard that all team members need to be aware of because if you aren't trained, things can take a deadly turn fast.

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Construction Worker and GraderIncidents

Tragic Incident Shows Why Safety Meetings are Important

A loud, dusty environment, like a construction site, can provide many distractions. Learn more about the lessons learned from this tragic incident.

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Boom Lift has Fallen Over in Middle of StreetIncidents

Lessons Learned About Fall Protection Safety on Boom Lifts

Boom lifts are effective when you need to access heights without the expense of a crane or the hassle of scaffolding, but tip over hazards are a real concern.

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Trench After Cave-inIncidents

Without Cave-in Protection, Excavations Can Be Deadly

A cubic yard of soil causes a massive crushing injury risk. This tragic incident highlights the risks of not providing adequate cave-in protection.

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Scene at Excavator AccidentIncidents

Wearing Seat Belts on Heavy Equipment Can Save Lives

The one thing you've heard all your lives is what could have possibly prevented this unnecessary fatality. This story should have had a different ending.

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This Fatal Incident Reminds Crews to Inspect Equipment

The weekly safety meeting is a great time to remind heavy equipment operators to inspect their equipment daily and to test their back-up alarms regularly.

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Unguarded Skylight Results in Roofer's Tragic Death

Proper covers, guardrails and signage must be utilized for floor hole hazards, including skylights, to prevent deadly incidents, like this one.

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Scene of the Trench IncidentIncidents

Workers Injured When Pinned in a Trench by a Backhoe

Two workers were injured when they were pinned in a trench by a backhoe. Why is heavy equipment safety not just the responsibility of the operator?

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Scissor Lift Tip Over Accident SceneIncidents

Why Scissor Lifts Should Only Be Used by Trained Operators

Scissor lifts can be a safe way to reach great heights, but when operators aren't following safe operating procedures, things can go very wrong.

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Broken SkylightIncidents

When Skylights are Deadly: Why Fall Protection is Required

"How could I have prevented it? Don't say, I've been doing this for 20 years, that won't happen to me, because it's not true. Look what happened."

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First Aid Medical BagIncidents

First Aid Basics Vital to the Skilled Trades Industry

Learn more about the first aid basics that are the most vital for the skilled trades industry and provide a good foundation for your workforce.

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One person wearing gloves wrapping a cut on another person's hand, providing first aid.Incidents

Reviewing First Aid Steps During a Staff Safety Meeting

Every medical emergency is different, so your next safety meeting is a great opportunity to review first aid steps with trained employees.

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Two Workers in a TrenchIncidents

Why Workers Should Never Enter an Unprotected Trench

Safety training should be adequate enough so all excavation workers understand why they should never enter an unprotected trench for their own safety.

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Workplace Injury Form with PencilIncidents

Why It's Important to Report Workplace Injuries Quickly

Unsafe acts on the job can lead to workplace incidents resulting in injuries, illnesses, or fatalities. Time is critical when reporting an injury, here's why.

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Scene of the Trench Wall CollapseIncidents

Without Cave-in Protection, an Excavation Turns Tragic

This contractor had a safety program but had not implemented the program or provided employees with safety training. Here's what went wrong.

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Close-up View of Large Water TruckIncidents

Lessons Learned from Deadly Construction Struck-by Incident

When workers are assigned to tasks in the vicinity of moving vehicles, the employer should require pre-work safety meetings for all employees on site.

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Wood ChipperIncidents

Crushed-by Wood Chipper Machine Maintenance Incident

Wood chippers are dangerous, but this tragedy didn't happen the way you think. Lessons Learned reminder to always inspect heavy equipment prior to use.

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Industrial Washing MachineIncidents

Traumatic Incident and the Dangers of Caught-in Hazards

This traumatic incident was a crushed-by death that should have never happened. Safety training, safety meetings, and safety procedures do save lives.

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Two Step Ladders, One Has FallenIncidents

When Working on a Step Ladder a Wrong Move Can Be Tragic

Review the lessons learned from this fatal ladder accident at your next safety meeting as you review fall hazard risks with your crews.

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Worker in a bucket truck fixing a traffic light.Incidents

Bucket Truck Incident is a Fall Protection Reminder

It shouldn't take a fatality for employers to review and update their safety program and ensure proper fall protection procedures are used on every job.

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Construction Materials FellIncidents

Deadly Incident Shows How Construction Can Be Dangerous

Caught-in hazards don't just exist where a line worker might get their glove caught in a gear, these hazards exist everywhere on a construction site.

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