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Building blocks with images of fire prevention icons.Office Safety

Train Employees on Office and Shop Fire Prevention

Important fire safety practices that employees and employers should know to help prevent workplace fires, keep workers safe and keep offices and stores open.

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Professional woman holding box, walking through office building.Office Safety

Proper Lifting and Carrying Techniques and Safety Tips

Safety precautions to remember when your job requires lifting and carrying, to prevent potential discomfort, aggravation, strains, sprains and injury.

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Tangle of electrical cords and surge protector commonly found underneath an office desk.Office Safety

Electrical Hazards Often Found in the Office at Home or at Work

The high volume of electrical equipment in a typical office work environment can expose workers to serious electrical hazards, including shocks, burns and fire.

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Very messy office desk.Office Safety

Why Good Housekeeping is Important to Workplace Safety

Good housekeeping includes keeping common and personal work areas clean, preventing fire hazards, and keeping stairways and exit routes safe.

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Person Rubbing Eyes After Working on ComputerOffice Safety

5 Safe Ways to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

Here are five ways anyone can help prevent Computer Vision Syndrome and maintain optimal eye health whether you are at an office or working at home.

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Office Worker Experiencing Back PainOffice Safety

How Good Ergonomic Work Practices Prevent Chronic Pain

Ergonomics is important for office workers as they utilize their work space on a daily basis in such a way that increases both comfort and productivity.

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