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Recognizing Potential Job Site Caught-in Hazards

Caught-in hazards can be found in many different tasks, like...

  • Electrical contractors working with powered cable feeders and pullers
  • Mechanical technicians working inside of tight crawl spaces
  • Plumbers and pipe-fitters using cutting, drilling or digging equipment
  • Road construction crews performing work or standing near heavy equipment
  • Utility construction crews working inside of trenches and excavations

Can you spot the caught-in hazards in these photos?

Examples of Caught-in Hazards

To prevent injuries and possible fatal incidents, the first step is to recognize potential caught-in hazards, like these.

OSHA Standard 1926.300(b)(2) Belts, gears, shafts, pulleys, sprockets, spindles, drums, fly wheels, chains, or other reciprocating, rotating or moving parts of equipment shall be guarded if such parts are exposed to contact by employees or otherwise create a hazard.

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