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Spotter Signals and Safety Tips to Keep Your Crews Safe

Who needs to be trained to be a spotter at your job site? Does everyone understand the signals? Learn more about spotter signals and safety tips for your crews.

Workers should practice safe procedures when driving all types of vehicles and construction equipment to avoid creating hazards to themselves and their co-workers. Backing up equipment or vehicles can be especially dangerous if workers fail to follow safe operating procedures.

Anyone who drives on site can prevent backing incidents by:

  • making sure back-up alarms are working
  • checking the area behind you before reversing
  • never backing up without having a clear view
  • using a highly visible and well-trained spotter
Suggested Spotting Signals from OSHA.gov
Suggested Spotting Signals from OSHA.gov

Both the spotter and the driver should be trained on the spotting signals that will be used on the job site. Don't assume that everyone knows the basic spotting signals and definitely don't assume that the driver can hear you if you are trying to yell commands.

It is always a good idea to have a safety meeting on when to use a spotter and basic spotting commands at least once a quarter. Depending on who is available, anyone may end up being a spotter at some point.

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