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Guarantee Workplace Safety with Smart Building Solutions

Guest Article provided by Edwin Deponte

The evolution of technology is responsible for many of the greatest innovations in humanity’s history. The era of smart technology that we live in right now is one of them, where nearly everything can be automated by gadgets and equipment that gathers data. Structures that use smart technology solutions are among today’s biggest trends, which promises plenty of benefits that includes safety.

Highly-automated technologies used by smart building solutions are made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT describes the network of machines embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices using the Internet. It’s the heart of the ecosystem of every smart building, which makes them deliver their functions.

Thermal Imaging Camera

It’s been claimed that smart technologies can make any building safer. If you have yet to smarten up your workplace, this article may get you to do it. Here’s how smart building solutions guarantee workplace safety.

Environmental Monitoring

The workplace environment is almost always prone to accidents and issues. Even common office areas can become hazardous to the overall safety of your workforce. This is why it’s only essential to keep track of what happens in your workplace’s surroundings.

Any efficient smart building solution includes environmental monitoring technology. These are typically sensors that detect any physical movement, measure temperature, radiation, and gas leaks. These help keep track of the activity in the workplace and the condition that it’s currently in.

Smart technologies help in detecting what your human senses fail to see. This ensures that you don’t “miss a spot” or miscalculate critical things that may negatively impact your employees’ wellbeing.

Employing smart building solutions will alert you if there’s a leak or a door or a window is left open or unlocked. It can also automatically adjust the temperature if it’s too warm or cold in your workplace, which are factors that affect your employees’ productivity.

Proximity Tracking

Tracking the proximity of people around workplaces that has a large population is also important for safety. These safety systems enable monitoring of employee location to alert them of hazards nearby. Also, it can aid in tracking the occupancy in certain areas, such as meeting rooms.

Proximity detection equipment is usually coupled with cameras and sensors (access control and video analytics) that obtain useful data for future safety references. Radiofrequency identification (RFID) is also helpful in preventing accidents where equipment is utilized, e.g., warehouses.

Human Temperature Checking

The well-being of your employees is also crucial for the overall safety of your workplace. A sick employee can place the entire office in sickbay if you’re not careful. Smart building solutions assist in this matter.

Thermal detection technology is an excellent complement to your security cameras in terms of detecting sick employees. With these devices, you’ll be able to determine if one of your staff has something contagious and prevent tits possible spreading in your workplace.

Air Quality Tracking

Smart building solutions can also track the quality of air that passes inside your workplace. With actuators and sensors, there will be real-time monitoring of how clean the air in your workplace is. This reduces the manual intervention of ventilation, which saves time and money.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t take any elaborate explanation to realize the safety benefits of a smart building. Contact a smart building solutions service now to ensure your employees won’t be subjected to any harm.

Author Image, Edwin Deponte

Edwin Deponte is a motivational writer and speaker who loves to travel around the world. Once an aspiring engineer, he dreamed of changing the way buildings operate. Today, he passionately writes about smart building systems & solutions and how it’s bound to change the way people move and work around.

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