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How to Get Free Workplace Safety Materials from OSHA

Don't reinvent the wheel.

There is free safety information out there that is really good (and some of it isn't great...) and we want to help companies sift through all the noise and make sure everyone has access to good safety materials that could benefit managers and owners in their efforts to improve workplace safety.

OSHA is a great place to start and here is one of our favorites...

OSHA's Compliance Assistance Quick Start for Construction - This is an excellent free resource to help you identify the major OSHA construction requirements and it will also lead you to resources on OSHA's website that will help you comply with OSHA.

Screenshot of OSHA Compliance Assistance Quick Start

In this Quick Start, you will find seven steps with extra information, links and questions, here's what the 7 steps are:

Step 1: OSHA Requirements Related to Leading Hazards at Construction Sites

Step 2: Other OSHA Requirements that May Apply to Your Jobsite

Step 3: Survey Your Workplace for Additional Hazards

Step 4: Develop a Jobsite Safety and Health Program

Step 5: Train Your Employees

Step 6: Recordkeeping, Reporting and Posting

Step 7: Find Additional Compliance Assistance Information

...and, they have almost all of the same information in Spanish too!

If you are at the point where you need a resource like this, please go check out what OSHA has to offer and if you need help with #4 or #5, we've got you covered!

Weeklysafety.com is offering a free safety manual and we also have great deals on a full toolbox talk program.


Free Safety Manual

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