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How to Succeed With Your Workplace Safety Program Efforts

Safety isn't easy. And knowing where to start can be much more than overwhelming. Especially if your team has experienced a serious incident or OSHA has recently shown up on your jobsite.

As a consultant for well over a decade, one of the best parts of my job was when I didn't have to sell the client on the need for safety. They knew they needed it, they knew that they'd waited too long, put it off too many times, and wished it away with no success.

And I didn't blame them. I still don't. I refuse to fault owners and managers that are working honestly to keep their business going, paying their bills and making payroll. It is tough and it isn't their fault because no one warns you when you start contracting or providing services that OSHA even exists. I've even heard owners tell me point blank that safety is the responsibility of the folks doing the work - "it was my responsibility and no one had to babysit me". Yikes.

That was frustration talking. When I had the chance to talk through the underlying issues, owners, managers, bosses felt the personal responsibility for their team. You can't have a successful business that lasts without some of that good stuff baked into every day. They were just frustrated and not sure how to deal with all the regulations and requirements.

And that's where we come in to help sift through all the noise. Give them a plan of action that often started with a written policy, some written safety do's and don'ts and then a regular schedule of safety training sessions. We'd start with monthly meetings at the shop, then have some tailgate talks at the jobs, and grow their safety culture. One safety meeting at a time.

Safety meetings, toolbox talks, tailgate safety meetings, and safety huddles really are the cornerstone to an effective safety program. Not the written safety binder tossed on the shelf. It's the interaction with the team - a five or ten minute "safety chat" with the boots on the ground. That's the stuff that worked for every single one of those owners and managers that were open to the idea.

Good safety meetings start with good talking points that give the facts, grab attention, and actually provide useful knowledge. Not cartoons or slogans. We're talking about real information and recommendations about what to do today on the job, right now. Safety in action.

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Saving lives and preventing injuries one safety meeting at a time...

Good stuff.  

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