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Top 10 Warehouse Organization Mistakes to Avoid

Improving safety in the workplace means cutting down on the unexpected. When items aren’t where they’re supposed to be, worker’s routines can be interrupted and accidents become much more likely. This is especially true in a warehouse, where cluttered aisles and overstocked shelves represent a significant hazard to employees. Perhaps the biggest reason for these conditions is poor organization. Even if managers believe they have a well-ordered facility, they may be making mistakes that could have serious consequences.

Two Large Spools of Cable Blocking an Aisle of a Warehouse

For example, excess inventory can take up space on the floor that would otherwise have been used as clear walkways or additional storage, creating obstacles for people and equipment. More effective and strategic planning can mitigate these problems and encourage a safer environment.

Workers in a Busy Warehouse

Another common mistake that often leads to further issues is neglecting staff development. When employees don’t fully understand their functions and the proper procedures within the warehouse, they are more likely to engage unwittingly in unsafe behavior that puts themselves and their co-workers at risk.

Warehouse Worker Pulling Pallet Jack in Warehouse

Too many managers also fail to take full advantage of automation that can improve the efficiency and accuracy of their operations. By removing the potential for human error from certain processes such as labeling and data collection, the chances that accidents will happen is reduced. Of course, keeping floors and facilities clean is another key element of maintaining a safe workplace.

Two Workers Walking in Aisle of Warehouse

Taking control of your warehouse and restoring systematic order can help remove those unexpected variables that can lead to disaster. For more advice about how to avoid these and other common organizational mistakes, take a look at the accompanying infographic.

Top 10 Warehouse Organizational Mistakes created by Chicago Tag & Label.

Special thanks to our guest contributor for this article and amazing infographic!

Don Amato is Vice President of Sales for Chicago Tag & Label, which manufactures form labels, labels and tags that deliver solutions to a broad range of industries including retail, industrial, manufacturing, distribution and medical environments.

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