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Why You Should End the Week with a Friday Safety Meeting

Fridays are the worst, specifically right about 4:30pm...

You might relate to this, but we really hope you don't...

We hope you never have to relate to the dreaded 4:30 pm phone call from a Superintendent saying someone just got seriously injured.

Yep. 4:30 pm on a Friday was like magic hour for accidents.

We have no idea what it was, but it seemed like our clients loved to get folks hurt at exactly the time we should have been wrapping up another week...

Maybe you got this problem today and if you do, don't despair!

Success in safety can be as finicky as success in business.

Sometimes it seems impossible, but more often than not, we are just a few decisions away from really making amazing changes for ourselves and our teams.

Success is right around the corner, and may be as close as 5 minutes away.

The team at Weeklysafety.com is dedicated to saving lives one safety meeting at a time.

We turned our Fridays around and you can too... with a 5 minute safety huddle at the end of the week.

Just 5 minutes can turn dreaded Friday into Safety Friday! or #SafetyFriday?

Let's work together and make every Friday a #SafetyFriday...

All it takes is a decision to start improving safety in small ways, this week, right now… If you're interested in knowing where to start, download our free report by clicking below!

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A membership to Weeklysafety.com comes at a very low price that never goes up no matter how many employees you have and no matter how many awesome safety topics you use. Included in your membership are hundreds of safety topics that you can use for your safety meetings, toolbox talks and safety moments.

Take a look at our website to learn more about everything that comes with a Weeklysafety.com membership. Click below to learn more today!

Download this free report today and get inspired to improve your workplace safety program!

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