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Educate Staff on the Best Practices for Chemical Safety

Following these tips can reduce safety risks for employees who work with or around chemicals.

Proper Chemical Safety Tips

EOC1, a leading provider of controlled environments testing and certification services, has put together a great infographic demonstrating tips every employee should take to reduce their risk when working with or near chemicals in the workplace.

Learn more about proper chemical safety tips and then scroll down to access this infographic to share online and use in your workplace.

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Safe handling begins with a plan. Your protocols should include comprehensive training programs to ensure all employees understand your standard operating procedures regarding hazardous substances.

Read Labels Icon


Before using any chemical, workers should always check the label to make sure they know exactly what it is. They also should look for any warnings that detail the safest method for using them.

Inspect Equipment Icon


Containers and equipment used to handle chemicals need to be in good working order. Check glassware for signs of cracking, and make sure any safety goggles or other gear that has been compromised is disposed of properly.

Air Quality Icon


Good ventilation can be essential for a safe working environment when chemicals are involved. Fumes can mix in the air and create dangerous conditions. This is why laboratories and other areas where chemical use is common should have proper airflow and filtration systems in place.

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When personnel are exposed to dangerous materials, they may only have moments before they are permanently harmed. Emergency eyewash areas and showers should be easily accessible and clearly marked so they can be used as quickly as possible.

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Mistaken identity can be deadly with certain chemicals. This is why storage areas should always be organized and labeled. Work areas must be kept neat and uncluttered to prevent accidents.

Protective Gear Icon


Gloves, goggles and coveralls are just a few examples of the type of safety wear for employees. Make sure your staff has access to these and understands how to use them correctly.

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Without regular training and refreshers, even the most well-conceived plans might as well not exist. The best way to help guarantee that everyone follows the proper procedures is through education.

Proper Chemical Safety Tips from ContentAssets

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