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Fast 100: Great Offer for 5-Minute Safety Meeting Topics

Weeklysafety.com has an awesome offer that you might not have heard about! The Fast 100... a set of 100 safety topics that are only 1-page each.

Each one page topic in the Fast 100 provides a targeted lesson on a very specific topic that allows your team leader to provide a toolbox talk to your crews quickly and efficiently while still providing the high-quality value that you would expect from Weeklysafety.com.  

With this offer, you actually get two sets! 100 General Industry safety topics AND 100 Construction safety topics. You choose which set best fits the needs of your workforce, or mix and match!

Safety Topic Meeting Sheets

If you are tired of searching for new safety meeting topics and toolbox talks every week and always coming up short, consider this offer of 100 safety topics that you can order and get delivered TODAY. Every topic is only one-page and built with the same high-quality as our longer version safety topics.  

This means... OSHA information in bite-size format so you can have Fast Safety Huddles, targeted Toolbox Talks, or on the spot Tailgate Safety Meetings. Each of The Fast 100 is a stand-alone safety topic so you can use them on their own or mix and match with your existing topics.

Having a Safety Stand-down? The Fast 100 are perfect Safety Stand-down material so you can use one each day of your safety stand down to keep workers focused on safety.

Take advantage of these awesome quick reference safety topics! Print out a bundle of The Fast 100 to add to your safety meeting binder.

The Fast 100 has also been professionally translated into Spanish.

Buy Now >> The Fast 100

Benefits of The Fast 100

You get all of this for a one-time payment only, no membership fees!

  • 100 pages of safety tips, hazard awareness, and safe practices
  • Two full sets! 100 General Industry topics & 100 Construction topics
  • Perfect for Safety Tailgate Meeting or Toolbox Talks
  • Some topics include actual job site photos, showing DO's and DON'Ts
  • Safety examples and attention grabbers
  • Professionally written content by seasoned safety professionals
  • Bonus Holiday Safety Topics
  • OSHA Standards Explained in each Safety Topic
  • Easy to read and understand
  • More than 100+ OSHA regulations explained in safety meeting format


All Fast 100 Safety Topics are available in English AND have also been professionally translated into Spanish!

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Weeklysafety.com is giving away 10 free safety topics, no credit card required! Take advantage and grab your free set of safety meeting topics today by clicking the button below.

A membership to Weeklysafety.com comes at a very low price that never goes up no matter how many employees you have and no matter how many awesome safety topics you use. Included in your membership are hundreds of safety topics that you can use for your safety meetings, toolbox talks and safety moments.

Take a look at our website to learn more about everything that comes with a Weeklysafety.com membership. Click below to learn more today!

Download this free report today and get inspired to improve your workplace safety program!

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