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Welder Wearing GlovesPersonal Protection

Common Dangers and How Gloves Can Prevent Hand Injuries

For most employees, if they injure their hands, they can't work effectively or they can't work at all. If hands are one of our most important assets, then why do more than a million workers end up in the emergency room with hand injuries every year?

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Safety First, BootsPersonal Protection

Choose the Best Foot Protection for Your Work Environment

You need protection top to bottom. Leg and foot protection is important for many jobs. Here’s how to choose the best foot protection for your work environment.

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Healthcare Worker Holding Two Kinds of Hearing ProtectionPersonal Protection

Damaging Decibels: Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss

Prolonged exposure to sounds that measure 85 decibels and higher can damage your hearing. Check out this great infographic to learn facts about hearing loss and get valuable tips for protecting your hearing.

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Industrial Worker Wearing Safety GlassesPersonal Protection

The 5 Key Elements of a Great Corporate Eye Safety Program

Easy access to affordable eye protection for your employees is important. Here is a guide of the five key elements that will ensure the best safety and return-on-investment for any corporate prescription eye safety program.

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Assorted Dirty Hard HatsPersonal Protection

Hard Hats are Important PPE in the Construction Industry

Protecting workers from potential head injuries is an essential component of any workplace safety program, especially in the construction industry, where a head injury can become life-threatening in an instant.

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Painter Using Respirator While WorkingPersonal Protection

When Respiratory Protection is Required for Maximum Safety

From simple dust masks to air-purifying respirators to SCBA, if your team needs to use respiratory protection then there is more they need to know besides just how to put it on.

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Two Industrial Workers Wearing Hard HatsPersonal Protection

Hard Hat PPE Requirements Aren't Just For Construction Sites

Throwing on a hard hat when you are in the warehouse or headed to a job site is a great habit, but it's also important to know why it's required and be able to evaluate if you are wearing the right hard hat for your job.

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Industrial Worker Using Eye Wash StationPersonal Protection

Know and Understand Your Rights Regarding PPE in the Workplace

Employers should be covering eye safety and how to prevent eye injuries during safety meetings held throughout the year. Learn more about the most important points to discuss during your next safety meeting on preventing eye injuries in the workplace.

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Worker Using Portable Grinder, Wearing Face Shield, Sparks FlyingPersonal Protection

PPE is Important: Workplace Hazards That May Cause Eye Injuries

Each day about 2000 U.S. workers have a job-related eye injury that requires medical treatment. What are the most common workplace hazards that may cause eye injuries and what PPE should be worn?

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Personal Protection

OSHA Standards for Hearing Protection: Avoid Hearing Loss at Work

Workers in any industry who are exposed to high levels of noise can suffer permanent hearing loss. Understand the employer's responsibility and the employees' rights when it comes to hearing protection.

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Construction Worker Wearing Face ShieldPersonal Protection

Face Shields: When Workers Need More Than Safety Glasses

Eye and face protection is extremely important but often taken for granted. Workers should always wear protection for their eyes and when needed wearing a face shield may be crucial to avoid a potentially permanent injury.

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Construction Worker Standing at a Construction Site Wearing a Safety Vest and Holding a Hard HatPersonal Protection

Visibility Requirements and Safety Tips for Safety Vests

There are different types and classes of safety vests available and it is important that every worker have a well-fitting safety vest that meets the requirements for the job site.

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Worker Wearing Various PPEPersonal Protection

Use Other Safety Controls First, PPE is the Last Defense

PPE is often used as the first method of protection for serious safety hazards, but there are four other controls that should be implemented first to effectively make PPE the last line of defense.

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Painter Wearing Safety GlassesPersonal Protection

Workplace PPE: Protect Your Eyes and Avoid Injuries on the Job

Eye injuries are one of the most common workplace incidents across all industries. Are you doing everything you can to protect your eyes on the job?

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