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Spotter Helping Dump Truck Back UpDriving Safety

Spotter Signals and Safety Tips to Keep Your Crews Safe

Who needs to be trained to be a spotter at your job site? Does everyone understand the signals? Learn more about spotter signals and safety tips for your crews.

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Artistic, Car Hits Large Cell PhoneDriving Safety

Pay Attention! Texting While Driving can Be a Deadly Distraction

Whether you are driving a personal car or truck or a fleet vehicle, a forklift in the warehouse, a riding lawn mower, a dump truck at the construction site or you are a long-haul trucker… if you are behind the wheel, driving any vehicle requires your full attention.

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Road Work Ahead Hazard Sign Against Blue SkyDriving Safety

Safe Trucking: 5 Safety Tips for Driving in Work Zones

Road construction zones can be dangerous for workers and drivers, so staying safe when driving through a work zone is critical. Every driver can benefit from these valuable tips for work zone safety.

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Big Trucks on Construction SiteDriving Safety

Safety Tips for Driving Heavy Equipment on the Work Site

Defensive driving applies to the job site too, no matter if that is a construction site, a warehouse parking lot, a residential area, or an isolated field site.

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Road Sign, Stay Alert, Talk or Text LaterDriving Safety

The Driving Disconnect: Why Hands-Free is Still a Risky Option

Most people believe hands-free options are safe to use while driving, but studies show that handheld and hands-free cell phone use are both equally risky. Drivers using cell phones fail to see up to 50% of the details in their driving environment.

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Distracted Driving Hazard SignDriving Safety

Multitasking is A Myth: Why Distracted Driving Can Be Deadly

When behind the wheel, drivers should always be fully aware of their surroundings, remain focused solely on driving and avoid all types of distractions. A distraction is anything that directs your attention away from something else.

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Driving Safety

Why Keeping Your Work Vehicle Clean and Organized is Important

Housekeeping at the work site is a normal part of the job and it is just as important for every vehicle used during the work day. This includes fleet vehicles, short- or long-term car rentals, and personal or leased vehicles, if they are used for on-the-job activities.

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