Workers Near Excavator Digging a TrenchExcavations

Learn More About OSHA Standards That Apply to Excavation

From putting a shovel into the ground to digging a trench, here is a review of some of the OSHA standards that apply to trenching and excavation.

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Workers Inside Protected TrenchExcavations

Workers Have the Right to Cave-in Hazard Protection

A cave-in is a real possibility if there is no protection and workers should be aware of the specific type of protection they need to keep them safe.

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Assorted Utility Flags in GrassExcavations

Always Call 811 Before Digging, Excavating or Trenching

Colors send a message, and they are important if you are putting anything bigger than garden trowel into the ground. Do you know what each color means?

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Buried Gas Line Yellow Utility FlagExcavations

Remember! Any Dig, Any Depth, Always Requires a Call to 811

Trenching and excavation hazards posed by striking buried underground utilities include property damage, injury, electrocutions and even explosions.

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Excavation on Road Creates Surface EncumbranceExcavations

The Dangers of Surface Encumbrances During Excavation

Excavations done on or near roads, near buildings and other structures may put workers at additional risks from surface encumbrances.

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