Confined Spaces

Worker Measuring Confined Space with Tape MeasureConfined Spaces

Confined Space Worker Roles During Permit-Required Work

Those assigned a role during confined space entry must have sufficient training to understand what is required of them and know how to use their equipment.

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Confined Space Permit at Entrance of Confined SpaceConfined Spaces

How to Safely Work in a Permit-Required Confined Space

If workers must enter permit-required confined spaces, then a written permit program as well as the use of detailed confined space permit is needed.

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View from inside of a silo, confined spaceConfined Spaces

The Invisible and Potentially Deadly Hazards of Confined Spaces

Silos, storage tanks, vessels, pumps and pipelines are a few examples of confined spaces in industry. Confined spaces may appear to be safe but can contain invisible hazards such as dangerous fumes, vapors, or insufficient oxygen.

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Worker Inside Pipe Which is Confined SpaceConfined Spaces

What's Required for a Confined Space Hazard Evaluation

OSHA requires confined spaces to be evaluated for hazards, and if there are hazards, then the area must be classified as a permit-required confined space.

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