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We exist to help keep workers safe, week after week.

We started Weeklysafety.com to help people deliver the very best safety meetings to their teams. Starting with a background of over 18 years of safety experience working in a variety of industries we knew that safety meetings are simply the cornerstone of any successful safety effort at any organization. But they are too often overlooked and underappreciated.

Weeklysafety.com aims to be a source of relief for every Safety Professional, HR Manager or Supervisor that is spending countless hours searching online for a resource to help them deliver the next safety meeting, toolbox talk, tailgate meeting, or safety huddle. Our team is small and dedicated to growing Weeklysafety.com responsibly and diligently so that our customers know we will listen to their needs and work to create the best safety meeting topics available.

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Our safety topics are timely, based on industry best practices, and targeted to help with specific OSHA regulations.  We combine high quality information and expert knowledge with valuable safety images that are specific and relevant to the information written in each weekly safety topic. The end result is a superior safety topic that is ready for you to hand to your Foreman, Floor Manager, Project Superintendent, or Safety Professional to present to your teams.

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John E. Matias, President

With over 20 years of experience in environmental, safety, and health (EHS) in a wide variety of industries, John is a thoughtful, long-serving, and dedicated leader in his field. John's extensive experience was earned in his work as a safety consultant for nine years where he had the privilege of helping hundreds of small business owners establish safety programs and personally delivered safety training sessions to thousands of workers. Prior to founding Weeklysafety.com he worked for eight years as a successful corporate leader and Director of EHS.

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Jennifer Bliven, Vice President

As a seasoned business process professional and Six Sigma Black Belt, Jennifer has extensive experience building organizational procedures with efficiency. She is a Certified Quality Process Analyst and Manager of Quality/Organization Excellence who used her knowledge, skills and experience to grow her corporate career up through senior management. As a prior founder/owner of a 100% solo venture, her business was built through a network of positive referrals and happy customers. Her success in business is based on honesty, performance, and professionalism.

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