Safe Lifting in Industrial Environments

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This safety video program on Safe Lifting provides the information employees need to protect their backs when they are lifting and carrying.

We've all experienced back pain at one time or another, and it probably resulted from lifting something incorrectly. Maybe the load was too big or too heavy, or we lifted from an awkward position. But if you want to avoid injuries, you need to make sure that you use your back the right way.

Areas covered in the program include:

  • the mechanics of safe lifting in an industrial environment,
  • how to listen to your back,
  • types of back injuries,
  • preparing to lift something in a way that protects your back,
  • how to keep your back safe when you’re lifting below the waist, and more.

The safety video program comes with a quiz, a scheduling and attendance form, a training certificate, and an employee training log.

Associated Regulations:

  • Section 5(a)(1) - General Duty Clause
  • 1910.176 - Handling Materials

This safety video program is produced by The MARCOM Group, Ltd.

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This safety video on Safe Lifting in Industrial Environments discusses how lifting and carrying things can affect the back, and how employees can use safe lifting techniques to help them avoid back injuries in an industrial facility.

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