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Curious about these things called toolbox safety talks, or tailgate safety meetings, sometimes called safety moments or even safety shares...  see these great references below:

"OSHA Construction Safety Standard 1926.21(b)(2) The employer shall instruct each employee in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe conditions and the regulations applicable to his work environment to control or eliminate any hazards or other exposure to illness or injury."


"A Toolbox Talk is an informal group discussion that focuses on a particular safety issue. These tools can be used daily to promote your departments safety culture. Toolbox talks are also intended to facilitate health and safety discussions on the job site."

- Harvard Environmental, Health, and Safety Department

"Toolbox talks are a primary way for construction contractors to provide workers with relevant site-specific safety information, but, unfortunately, too many contractors do not understand nor maximize their potential."

- LHSFNA Management Co-Chairman Noel C. Borck

"The names vary by industry and worksite—'Toolbox Talks,' 'Tailgate Chats,' 'Safety Meetings,' 'Crew Briefings'—but these brief, pre-shift pep talks can reinforce safety training, heighten employee awareness of workplace hazards and safety regulations, and improve safety performance."

- Roy Maurer online editor/manager for SHRM

"Tailgate Safety Talks are short, informal safety meetings conducted at the crew level...  as a reminder to employees of what they already know, and establishes the supervisor's credibility and conscientiousness about his or her responsibilities for safety."

- New York State, DOT 

"§1509 Injury and Illness Prevention Program. (e) Supervisory employees shall conduct "toolbox" or "tailgate" safety meetings, or equivalent, with their crews at least every 10 working days to emphasize safety."

- Construction Safety Order §1509 Cal/OSHA

"Tailgate or Toolbox safety meetings (as required by T8 CCR 1509) are 10 - 15 minute on-the job meetings for employees... held to keep employees alert to work-related hazards and prevent injuries. Tailgate or Toolbox meetings must address the specific hazards and safe work practices."

- State of California, Department of Industrial Relations

"Tailgate meeting, toolbox talk, safety meeting, or safety huddle... Whatever you call them, short targeted safety training is key to accident prevention."


Look at this complete plan for one year of safety meetings.

1st Quarter
Week 1 Caught-in Hazards
Week 2 Eye Safety
Week 3 Asbestos Awareness
Week 4 Forklifts
Week 5 Lockout / Tagout
Week 6 Aerial Lifts
Week 7 Confined Spaces
Week 8 Extension Ladders
Week 9 Floor Holes
Week 10 Electrical Tools
Week 11 Underground Work
Week 12 Back Injury Safety
Week 13 Driving on Site
2nd Quarter
Week 14 Electrocution
Week 15 Hearing Protection
Week 16 Carbon Monoxide
Week 17 Heavy Equipment
Week 18 Eye Injury
Week 19 Fire Prevention
Week 20 Inspecting Ladders
Week 21 Poisonous Plants
Week 22 Heat Stress
Week 23 Insects, Bites, Stings
Week 24 Face Shields
Week 25 Pneumatic Tools
Week 26 Driving Safety
3rd Quarter
Week 27 Falls
Week 28 Foot Protection
Week 29 Safety Data Sheets
Week 30 Respirators
Week 31 Fall Injury
Week 32 Scissor Lifts
Week 33 Hand Tools
Week 34 Job Analysis (JHA)
Week 35 OSHA Requirements
Week 36 Safe Work Practices
Week 37 Stairways
Week 38 Bench Grinders
Week 39 Step Ladders
4th Quarter
Week 40 Struck-by Hazards
Week 41 Head Protection
Week 42 Lead Safety
Week 43 Work Zones
Week 44 Trench Cave-in
Week 45 Cave-in Protection
Week 46 Housekeeping
Week 47 Scaffolding
Week 48 OSHA Visits
Week 49 Portable Grinders
Week 50 Emergency Plans
Week 51 Cold Stress
Week 52 Signs & Barricades

Use this or build your own custom safety meeting training plan.

Tips on how to use safety meeting topics:

  • Safety Meetings are usually most effective when they are kept to less than 30 minutes. However it depends on your team and how often you have safety meetings.
  • 15, 10, or even 5 minute meetings held frequently - weekly is what we typically recommend - can be really beneficial and pose the least amount of interruption to the day.
  • Consider holding a safety meeting, toolbox safety talk, or tailgate safety meeting on a Friday once per month. Use this as an opportunity to talk about both on the job or off the job safety. Just before a long weekend or national holiday can be a great opportunity to let the team know that their safety is important all the time.
  • With short 5 minute safety meetings consider pointing out specific issues that were observed during a recent safety incident, inspection, or near-miss. Take the opportunity to point out "lesson's learned" that were observed or discovered. But always stick to the facts!
  • Time your safety talks, safety huddles, or safety shares so that they make sense for the season of the year and the weather conditions in your region. Give short relevant safety pointers for their specific issues and concerns.

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