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Welder at WorkTool Safety

Welding Safety Hazards: How to Keep Yourself Safe at Work

When working on or repairing industrial equipment, it is crucial that you realize the four biggest welding safety hazards and know how to protect yourself.

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3 Construction Workers Using Jack Hammers Side by SideTool Safety

Safety Tips to Remember When Using Pneumatic Tools

Pneumatic tools, powered by compressed air, can be a useful addition to electrical tools at any work site where power tools are used.

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Construction worker wearing PPE and using an electrical tool.Tool Safety

Best Practices to Remember When Using Electrical Tools

Because electrical tools are so commonly used, it's important to review required safety guidance and best practices to consider when using tools on the job.

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Assorted Colorful Hand ToolsTool Safety

Remind Workers to Use Hand Tools Properly to Avoid Injury

Use the right tools for the job! Hand tools, when used improperly or not kept in good condition can cause serious injuries. Remind your team to work safe.

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Close-up view of a nail gun.Tool Safety

Safe Operating Procedures for Nail Guns or Nailers on the Job

This article provides information on the most common nail gun hazards and safety tips that will help prevent nail gun injuries on job sites.

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Worker Using Bench GrinderTool Safety

Safety Precautions for Bench and Pedestal Grinders

Bench grinders are standard in a variety of industrial facilities, but because they operate at such a high speed, there are many safety hazards to consider.

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WelderTool Safety

Important Safety Precautions All Welders Should Know About

Implementing proper safety measures protects not just the welders but also anyone within the proximity of the work space.

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Large handheld power saw not currently in use with blade attached.Tool Safety

On The Job Safety Precautions For Using Handheld Power Saws

Handheld power saws, including circular saws, are versatile and convenient tools that can be dangerous if safety precautions are not taken seriously.

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Gloved Hand Reaching for Safety Glasses Before Using Portable GrinderTool Safety

Safety Precautions for Handheld Portable Grinders

Safety precautions for handheld portable grinders used at work include safe work area preparation, PPE requirements, equipment selection and inspections.

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Man wearing bright orange sweatshirt using a chainsaw to cut wood in an outdoor wooded area.Tool Safety

Risks When Using a Chainsaw and Top Safety Precautions

While chainsaws are efficient and productive power tools, they can also be dangerous if not used correctly and with care by trained and experienced operators.

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Close-up view of a walk-behind saw blade.Tool Safety

Important Safety Precautions of Construction Walk-Behind Saws

The hazards of operating a walk-behind saw, guidance for transport, and the safety precautions to prevent the dangers of carbon monoxide and silica dust.

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Person Holding Portable Grinder with Two HandsTool Safety

The Use, Care and Safety of Handheld Portable Grinders

Handheld portable grinders are versatile tools but there are many safety precautions to consider and hazards to understand before using these power tools.

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Worker Holding a Battery-Powered DrillTool Safety

Battery-Powered Tools Provide Greater Safety on the Job

While battery-powered tools increase productivity on the job site, even cordless power tools can be dangerous if all safety precautions are not followed carefully.

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Banner, Work Safety Tips When Using Air CompressorsTool Safety

Safety Reminders for Handling Pressurized Air Equipment

Working with air compressors may get the job done quicker, but there are some potential risks in using them without taking proper safety measures.

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Stationary masonry saw sitting at a construction site, not currently in use.Tool Safety

Using Stationary Masonry Saws Safely for Construction Work

Stationary masonry saws are useful tools to have on the job site, but can be dangerous if safety precautions are not taken seriously.

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WelderTool Safety

Safety Precautions for Welding, Cutting and Brazing Hazards

Welding, cutting and brazing tasks present unique hazards. Everyone working in the vicinity should have an understanding of safe work practices.

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Assorted Power ToolsTool Safety

Power Tools Get the Job Done But Need to Be Used Safely

Electrical tools can pose significant hazards. Workers should be trained on the safe handling and care of the power tools they will be using on the job.

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