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Worker in Bucket TruckMan Lifts

Bucket Trucks are Safe Equipment with Trained Operators

Bucket trucks provide a safe and stable work platform in a variety of situations when used with specific recommendations from the manufacturers.

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Two Aerial LiftsMan Lifts

Man Lifts: Aerial Lift Inspections and Fall Protection

Whether using a manual or power operated aerial lift, workers must recognize and avoid safety hazards that can lead to injury, property damage, or death.

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Overhead view of a construction worker on an aerial lift.Man Lifts

Understanding the Unique Potential Hazards of Aerial Lifts

Extensible and Articulating Boom Lifts are useful pieces of equipment with specialized features, uses, and also unique potential hazards.

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Lowered Scissor Lift With Two Painters Wearing Fall ProtectionMan Lifts

Scissor Lifts Allow Workers to Work at Heights Safely

Scissor lifts are safe and stable when used properly by a trained operator. But what are the common hazards that cause the most scissor lift accidents?

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Three Scissor Lifts Not in UseMan Lifts

Scissor Lift Precautions to Prevent Serious Incidents

Although many safety precautions apply to most scissor lifts, each lift has different weight limits, specifications and hazard warnings posing unique risks.

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