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Fatality Statistics Are Sobering But Safety Meetings Saves Lives

5,250 workers died on the job in 2018, on average, more than 100 a week or more than 14 deaths every day. Fatality statistics can be sobering but safety training, including safety meetings, can save lives.

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Every Minute You Wait is Another Minute You are at Risk

In today's competitive market, having a poor safety program can mean the difference between winning the contract... or losing the deal.

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The Fast 100: Great Offer for 5-Minute Safety Meeting Topics

We have an awesome offer that you might not have heard about... The Fast 100! Two full sets of 100 safety topics (for both Construction & General Industry) that are only 1-page each.

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Various Industry Workers, Keep Your Teams Safe with High-Quality Safety Meetings and Toolbox TalksSafety Resources

Keep Your Teams Safe With High-Quality Safety Meetings

With our low monthly membership cost, every company gets everything we have to offer, no matter how many employees you have! Safety meeting topics, toolbox talks, and tailgate safety topics so your team is focused, productive, and accident-free.

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Outdoor Construction Safety MeetingSafety Resources

Why Not Try a 5-Minute Safety Huddle at the End of the Week

What's the magic hour for injuries on the job? A Friday Safety Huddle could be the answer. Sometimes we are just a few decisions away from really making amazing changes for ourselves and our teams.

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4 Secrets of SafetySafety Resources

4 Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Safety

What we have learned is that every business owner will profit by making sure that safety becomes an integral, non-negotiable part of every team member’s life on the job. Here are 4 things every business owner needs to start when they are thinking about getting serious about safety.

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Why a Good Safety Program Can Boost Profit and Productivity

Studies have shown a direct correlation exists between a company's performance in safety and its subsequent performance in productivity and financial results. What does this mean for you?

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Hard Hats Near Pipes, Work SettingSafety Resources

It's a Great Idea to End the Week with a Friday Safety Meeting

Friday afternoon is not the time to rush or get complacent. Make sure all team members get home to their families safely for the weekend!

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File Folder Labels that Says 4 Secrets of a Successful Safety ProgramSafety Resources

4 Secrets of a Successful Safety Program - Download Free Report

Not knowing these 4 secrets is costing you time and money, and is the reason 3 million people get hurt every year. To find out what these 4 secrets are and what you can do today to start realizing the financial profits of a successful safety program, download our free gift today.

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Spiral-bound Safety Survival Guide BookSafety Resources

Quick and Easy Survival Guide to Keep OSHA Off Your Back

The insider's guide to OSHA and answers to questions that every employer needs to know. This exclusive book is only available from and it includes the exact same advice that companies pay safety consultants to tell them after they pay high consulting fees.

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Safety QuoteSafety Resources

Our Safety Quotes Provide Weekly Inspiration to Share

We publish a new Safety Quote every Friday. Inspire your teams, and Like, Follow & Share your favorites. Follow us on Social Media to see new safety quotes every day.

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4 Pillars of a Successful Safety Program Cover PageSafety Resources

Top 4 Things a Small Business Needs to Get Serious About Safety

Not knowing these key things is costing you time, money, and is the reason 3 million people get hurt every year. To find out what these 4 steps are and what you can do TODAY to start realizing the financial profits of a successful safety program, download this free report today.

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Safety Orientation Table of ContentsSafety Resources

Employee Safety Orientation - Free With Your Membership

Free bonus with membership to! Packed with 60 slides of DOs and DON'Ts, rules, safety tips, and images you can use today! The entire safety orientation is fully customizable so you can make it perfect to fit your organization.

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How to Succeed With Your Workplace Safety Program Efforts

Hundreds of safety meeting topics, a free safety manual, bonus toolbox talks, a free copy of our book, and tons more great safety resources all in one place.... stop searching! We have what you need.

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Tomorrow is the Reward for Working Safely TodaySafety Resources

Implementing a Good Safety Meeting Program Will Save Lives

Every day, 12 workers are killed on the job and more than 9,000 workers suffer a serious job-related injury. Implementing a good safety meeting program WILL save lives and prevent injuries daily.

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Outdoor Safety MeetingSafety Resources

Weekly Safety Meetings are Important for Your Safety Program

Why does it seem like everyone waits until Friday afternoon to get hurt? If you are interested in knowing where to start to improve your workplace safety program by adding weekly safety meetings, download our free report today.

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Safety Meeting SheetsSafety Resources

Stop Searching for Hours Every Week, Start Training Today

How to stop wasting time, lower your insurance premiums and improve workplace safety with one simple move you can make today. We give you instant access to hundreds of safety meeting topics you can download and use immediately.

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