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Fire in Office Building, Exit Sign VisibleFire Protection

Take Every Safety Precaution to Avoid Fire Hazards at Work

Workers need to recognize potential fire hazards and take every safety precaution to avoid potentially deadly situations on their job sites. The best thing any employer can do is hold regular safety meetings.

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Assorted Fire ExtinguishersFire Protection

7 Different Types of Fire Extinguishers and When to Use Them

Fire extinguishers are classified by the type of fire they are intended to be used on. Explore the different types of portable fire extinguishers that may be available in the workplace that trained staff members may be called on to use in the event of an unexpected fire.

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Person Pulling Fire Alarm in BuildingFire Protection

Fight the Fire or Evacuate the Building: Make the Right Decision

Employees should know the questions to ask when considering whether or not to fight a small fire at work, how to safely attempt to put out a fire with a portable fire extinguisher, and what to do if evacuation becomes the only option.

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Classes of Fire PictogramsFire Protection

Classes of Fire: Learning about Fire Protection and Prevention

When learning about fire protection and prevention on the job, it is important to understand the different types of fire that may have the opportunity to occur at any specific work location. The type of fire will determine the fire extinguishing method required.

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Fire Extinguisher InspectionFire Protection

How to Conduct Your Fire Extinguisher Monthly Visual Inspection

All fire extinguishers should be inspected regularly. Learn more about workplace fire extinguisher inspection requirements and recommendations including best practices for conducting a monthly visual inspection.

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Fire Alarm in WarehouseFire Protection

Shop and Warehouse Fire Prevention and Protection

Every shop, warehouse, and distribution center is different, which means fire protection at every facility must be tailored specifically to the unique characteristics of the location. Learn more about best practices that can significantly improve fire safety plans in shops and warehouses.

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Fire Extinguisher on Concrete PostFire Protection

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher to Safely Put Out a Fire

Every employee should have some basic knowledge of workplace fire safety including an understanding of the different types of fires and fire extinguishers, how to make a decision to attempt to fight a fire or evacuate, and how to use a fire extinguisher in the event of a fire emergency.

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Construction Worker Carrying Lumber on Construction SiteFire Protection

Construction Site Fire Safety: Prevention and Protection

Construction site fire safety focuses on key areas of fire protection including housekeeping, fire extinguisher availability, the maintenance of safe evacuation routes and the storage and handling of combustible materials.

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Danger Hot Work Sign in Busy Machine ShopFire Protection

Fire Watch is an Important Fire Prevention Safety Precaution

An important fire prevention safety precaution is to assign a fire watch person or personnel during and after tasks that involve potential heat or ignition sources, also known as hot work. Fire Watch can help workers prevent fires that could lead to property damage, serious injuries, or worse.

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