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Nail Guns are Known for Struck-by Injuries, Work Safely

Safety Tips to Cover During the Toolbox Talk on Nail Guns

Tool Safety

Tool Safety

Struck-by hazards can come from a variety of activities, work environments, and tasks including when using compressed air, pneumatic tools or powder actuated tools.

OSHA Standard 1926.302(b)(3) All pneumatically driven nailers, staplers, and other similar equipment provided with automatic fastener feed, which operate at more than 100 p.s.i. pressure at the tool shall have a safety device on the muzzle to prevent the tool from ejecting fasteners, unless the muzzle is in contact with the work surface.
Nail Gun

Workers must be trained and familiar with the use of power tools including pneumatic, electrical, and powder actuated tools. They should not be using these tools in the field before they have been trained.

OSHA Standard 1926.102(a)(2) The employer shall ensure that each affected employee uses eye protection that provides side protection when there is a hazard from flying objects.

All safety devices, guards, and switches should be kept in place and used to prevent accidental discharge of the tool.

Nail Gun Injury

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